The Greatest Duo There Ever Was

Saturday was national twin day and I know I have talked about being a twin before, but I wanted to talk specifically about how lucky I am to be Brett's twin.

I am truly blessed and honored that I was chosen to be not only his sister but his twin and I always try my best to do right by him. He honestly is the great gift I have ever been given, but before I start rambling on about how amazing he is I do want to say that we do get mad at each other like any normal siblings do, he is the most stubborn person on the planet and you basically have to give him what he wants or he won't back down. I am not flawless by any means either, but out personalities definitely compliment each other. Where I am flawed he is strong and vice versa. so although there are times when he gets on my nerves I simply wouldn't have it any other way.

Being a twin basically means you share everything. A birthday, a grade, toys and you even dress the same (in our case it was a boy and a girl version of the same thing) and because you share so much it kind of feels like you share a soul. We share victories and hard times, whatever one of us is going through the other one is with them whether it be physically or in spirit.

I am one thousand percent a better person because I am Brett's twin, and I can't think of another person I would have wanted to grow up with. He is the funniest guy you will ever meet, he is stronger than I will ever be and he is as loyal as they come. His unwavering faith in me has gotten me through so much and it will always be a driving force in my life.

My simple hope for his life is for him to see himself the way that I see I and for him to want more for his life, because once Brett sets his mind to something he is unstoppable. I have always admired his will to push through any challenge that

comes his way.

Anybody who is lucky enough to know Brett is better for it. He makes people better just by existing and he pushes me to be my best self everyday. While we are working on breaking our sort of co-dependent relationship, I know that even if when it feels like everything is against me he is always in my corner and everything I do is his just as much as mine.

No matter where I am, what I do, or who I'm with Brett and I are attached and while I'm excited for both of us to figure life out and have our own adventures, I am honored that I get to share it all with him and have a best friend that is built into my soul.

So Brett, I hope you know everyday how proud I am that I get to be your twin sister, you will forever be my champion and I will forever be yours. Who needs Batman and Robin when you've got the two of us.