What Makes Me Crazy

If you know me then you know the picture above sums up how I feel about life..... EXCITED!!!! That may actually shock some of you because initially I am a quiet person, but when you really get to know me I'm... well... Crazy!

I believe everyone has certain things that make them crazy, things that others may find weird or question. Well I think those qualities are what drive each of our individual purposes in life..... so I wanted to share to what makes me individually crazy!

As you may be able to tell I love writing, but my love of words doesn't stop there. I love language and even more than that I love dialogue and the meaning behind it. Because of that books, TV and music play a big part in how I function creatively.

I love good television, and what makes a good TV show or movie to me has a majority to do with the way its written. All of my favorite shows and movies are ones I deem to be extremely well written, and my favorite episodes or parts of a film are 9 times out of 10 identified by lines that are said. I have a document saved on my computer that just contains lines from movies and TV shows that I found brilliant.

Another aspect in which my writers brain comes through is when I listen to music. Whenever I listen to a song, no matter how many times I’ve heard it, I make up a story in my head to so along with the lyrics. I envision the characters and how they fit with the message of the song. In that same token after a movie is over I tend to think about what would come next.

I also have dance parties with myself every night and not in my bedroom by myself where no one can see me. I dance all around my house with headphones in for everyone to see, because sometimes you just have to move. Kind of on that same note, whenever I get really mad I get an extreme amount of energy. If you get my angry enough I start running laps because I don’t know what else to do with all the energy I have.

Then I have to write about it of course. Yes, I pretty much write about everything. I am fueled by emotion from everything around me. I am very much a watch the sunset, look at the stars, spend time outside and just enjoy the things around you and the moment that you’re in type of person, and writing to me is my way of expressing the way I feel from the things around me. I am easily excited over simple things… I just love life and all the people and experiences I am able to have around me… and sometimes those things just simply make me crazy.